Daily News Wed, Mar 20

Amazing: Joe Grant’s Iditarod Trail Invitational, part two. He avoids moose, sleeps in random cabins, and has ugly, ugly feet.

An elite state of mind.

Creating the all-terrain human, featuring Kilian Jornet. Thanks to Melissa for the tip.

Max King’s life is changing, but he’s figured out a way to suffer sufficiently on the weekends.

Watch this guy: Scott Dunlap’s interview with Cody Moat…collegiate XC champ, obstacle course veteran, and now USATF 50M champ. Doing it all with 4 kids! Wow.

“‘This is not why I love trail running’ I tell my pacer ‘I love exploring, adventure, fun times with friends, not this sh*t’. And I meant it.”

Have we all been in this situation? I know I have numerous times.

Candace Burt’s Tarawera race report.

Not advocating, just linking: How the foot can naturally cure plantar fasciitis.

Damn, that’s inspiring. Dad with brain cancer pushed daughter in stroller to a marathon win.

The Fruitarian and the Magician (Oz Pearlman) go to the Spartathlon and film it. It’s 30 min, might have some salty language, but it’s pretty entertaining.

Exercise-induced asthma: Risks, facts, and remedies. I was diagnosed years ago, then un-diagnosed a few years later.

Video Q&A: Will core and strength exercises make me stronger?



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