Daily News, Wed, Mar 26

Here’s a great video that really shows what our sport is about. Features Rainshadow Running’s James Varner.

Awesome: Do you have a reverse bucket list? Do it.

Looking for something to do this weekend? If you’re near Colorado, there’s a 24 race on a flat trail around Palmer Lake. It’s $20, sanctioned, and if you run 100+ miles, you get your money back. Awesome!

A title wrought with hyperbole (he didn’t write it), but some good advice from Dean, no less.

Well this might be interesting: Take a scientific survey about your exercise habits and libido.

Geoff Roes on The Perfect Run.

Ryan and Ryno break the Drakensberg FKT by a whopping 18 hours.

Site news: The Lazarus Lake interview (Barkley Marathons) has been fixed. It’s from a loooong time ago, but with Barkley coming up soon, it’s worth a listen.

Fueling your body post work-out.

…and why runners can’t eat whatever we want. (note there’s no mention of beer…)

Six tips for taking better expedition photos.

Didya read our review of Fat Man to Green Man? It’s a great book about an average 41 yo who, inspired by his friend’s cancer diagnosis, started running, and is now a healthy ultrarunner. You can find the author’s blog here.

Fantastic writing by Jill about Beat’s completion of his 17 day Iditarod trek.  I’ve got to have him on as a guest.

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