Daily News, Wed, Mar 27

Joe Grant nails it with For the Love.

I guess I’m doing it wrong if I carry less than half of the essential bits of kit necessary to run in the mountains.

Cool story on Victor Ballesteros and the Dipsea Race, the oldest trail race in America.

More on Mike Morton’s shrapnel issue. Ugh.

Hey Ladies! Some gals look for roommates or friends to go shopping with, but these chicas are looking for a partner with whom to paddle across the Pacific Ocean. Apply within.

Does the performance gap between men and women narrow or widen as we age? It depends on the sport.

XC pics by Michael Scott. "That's what she said."
XC pics by Michael Scott. “That’s what she said.”

Awesome set of pictures from the world XC champs.

Tim Olson’s awesome Tarawera 100k race report. Great pics included.

Geoff Roes discusses why we DNF. Good stuff, but I wish he’d touched on the mysterious “I wasn’t feeling it” reason that elites use occasionally.

Beer as a post-race recovery drink.

Four steps to becoming a better runner.

this should be listed as number one.

Ms. Greenwood hits it bigtime in ESPN spread.

The RW folks say we’re supposed to drink more water when we’re not running, and I agree…but do we really need $20 water bottles? How bout a glass? Or if you’re like me, a bottle I use when I run?

In case you missed it: A dirty art…trail running.

I’ve been fairly dismissive of obstacle course races, but this event in Nicaragua seems legit.

If you’re in Illinois and looking for a long one, here’s a 30, 50, 100 and even 150M trail run with some serious hills.

Potawatomi 100 in Illinois. Pic courtesy Mark Smidt.
Potawatomi 100 in Illinois. Pic courtesy Mark Smidt.

I guess 48 hours on a dreadmill doesn’t seem that bad when it’s considered mere training for a triple deca Ironman. Click the link to find out how insane that is.

NUC and a pretty irresponsible thing to do, but check out these pics from atop a Pyramid.

Great Way Too Cool report from Meghan Arboghast. One correction though…she says that just before the final aid station she was “2 to 3 minutes behind Rory.” I was there, and she was over four minutes behind her. Incredible performance.

Craft beer replaces wine as young women’s drink of choice. When I was in college, it was freakin Zima.


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