Daily News, Wed, Mar 4

Think positive, run faster.  Great story about overcoming a bad situation.

Ten questions with Sage Canaday from ColoradoRunner Mag.

When was the last time you detailed your sunglasses?

Rad story: Solo summiting the highest peak in North America.

Runners training for Boston battling weather conditions.

This author seems a bit dramatic, but I’ve got to agree with him on one thing: Running an ultra along an alligator-infest swamp–in the damn dark–is a bit nutty.

Funny (and helpful) race report from JFK 50 miler. If you’re planning on running it, read this post.

Good post about being a Brand Ambassador, but he leaves off a major point.  If you’re hashtags and posts take over my feed or are too obnoxious, I’ll delete you.  It often feels like we went out for beers, and all of a sudden you’re pitching me to buy your Amway products.  Am I the only person who feels this way?

I was interviewed by RunnersConnect over here to explain the who, what, how, why of ultras.  The host is so new to ultras, she thought that they started at 100 miles, thus the “though he’s only run one ultra…”  It was a fun chat. Thanks Tina!

Whoa. Real life struck Ultra Caballo Blanco as gangs, murders, and swarms of bees caused a cancellation of the popular event.

Cyclists: Wouldn’t using something like this mean you’d never have an easy day? I suppose you could not use it, but having a video game of yourself would be hard to resist…right?

This post begs a question about our sport. Sure, USATF records are certified, but what about all the “fastest 50 miler in the county/world” and “fastest 100 miler on a trail ever” claims?  Ultras are notorious for being not very accurate. Does it matter?

Minimalism vs Maximlism: Are we really still debating this?

Site news: For the past few years, only the most recent 100 episodes were appearing on iTunes. I found the glitch, and now all 181 episodes are available.  By Friday, that number will be 184.

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