Daily News, Wed, Mar 5

If you haven’t read this piece on Bernd Heinrich, you’re missing out.

A $100 “smart” fork. Really?

Awesome: Lucho is back. I may need to chat with him again…

Speaking of someone I’d like to talk to, Emily Harrison is on a roll right now! Can’t wait to see what she does at Lake Sonoma next month.

MIke Wolfe shows you how to be a bad ass.

Heel strikers beat mid-footers in half marathon study.   Until next week when the opposite is true again.

Likewise, now science is showing a low protein diet might extend your lifespan.

How taking a GPS is like taking a lover.

Hey Boston Marathon, this sounds like a really lame decision.

No Ultra Content: “If I die up there, it’s a beautiful place to die.”

A jogger screws up and falls off a 40 foot overpass. (Link fixed)

This little town (yes, in Ethiopia) has medaled sixteen runners in twenty years. Why?

Friendly reminder: Though it’s 9 months away,  TheNorthFace 50 is open for registration and it will sell out.

…and if you’re reallllly into planning early, registration has opened for the  GöteborgsVarvet Marathon in Sept, 2021.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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