Daily News, Wed, May 14

A road runner’s take on trail racing.

Advice for a Western States 100 newbie.

OK, now will you do yoga??? Huh? Wait, what? Whuh? Oh, yeah.

Here’s the first white guy to win a race in Kenya.

Four things race directors want you to know.

How thoughts influence performance.

Can a slew of tests determine if you were born to run?

Speaking of being born to run, I’m interviewing someone from the book today. I’ve already interviewed Scott, Jenn, Ted, and Chris. Any guesses?

Matt Flaherty’s IceAge report. It amazes me how people can remember such detail from races.

And here’s Max’s report from the race. Max deserves a lot of credit here…he could have easily secured a spot to WS through one of his sponsors, but he chose to fight and earn it. Nice job dude.

This week in science: Endurance running is bad for your heart (again.) Stay tuned for a thrilling counterpoint to this study.

Does anyone change their lifestyle because of these studies?

After the interview with Liza, I signed up for her trail running camp in November. Who else will be there?

Sam teaches us how to use some runner things for other running things.

Oh yes, my wife would love to have one of these. For me.

Hope this copies (I’m not on my home computer): Cool elevation profile map for major marathons. I’d like to see this done for the MUT majors.

Can’t you just run without trying to monitor everything?

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