Daily News, Wed, May 15

Please add this to the list of things I get to do before I die: Hike/run 90km (with 4800m vert) up part of the Dolomites (and site of the TNF Lavaredo) with a damn MTB strapped to my back, chill at the top for a few minutes, then come screaming back down on the bike. Awesome!  h/t tip to Wade N.

Moab, Utah: A trail runner’s paradise.

Check out Gary Robbins’ UTMF report. Key graf: …the next single mile was going to climb 2600ft / 800m at a maximum grade of up to, including, and slightly over 50%. For reference a double black diamond ski run will often be in the 30-40% range. Wow!

Awesome: NUC, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was on a run and just got lost and confused. Epic odyssey, nonetheless!

Ellie Greenwood is helping raise money for a great cause in Ghana–helping build schools.  Help her reach her goal by kicking in a few bucks and your name goes in a bucket to win some cool swag!

Here’s a 60k that starts at Everest Base Camp (5400m) and runs downhill to 3400m.  Ouch.

Inside the mind of an ultrarunner. An interview with Robbie Britton.

How hydrating today affects tomorrow’s run.

Six of the coolest characters you’re likely to meet outdoors.

Dakota had three of his records fall in the span of a few weeks (LS50, R2R2R, and TV) and he’s dealing with it in a way that seems appropriate for his personality.

When you’re through reading URP Daily News, type Atari Breakout into Google Image Search.

Pro Lauren Fleshman ponders the question: Does having a baby really change everything?

How anxiety-induced insomnia affects race performance.

I thought the microbrew movement towards canned beers was a good thing…now we’re told that it’s unhealthy and we’re all gonna die.  On that note, I’ve got a review of a canned IPA from Alaska I need to publish…


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