Daily News, Wed, May 21

The effects of a beard in a wind tunnel.

Mice run for fun, not just for work.

Wow, check out the benefits of being a course Marshall at a big Euro event.

Alberto uses lasers on his athletes, not PEDs. Yeah.  Unfortunately, when one of them gets busted, the athlete will be made the pariah.

This is OCRs first female star. And she’s pretty cute….bloody knees and all.

So 200 miles is healthier than 100? Unfortunately, Candice’s race is sold out.

Pocket-sized washing machine. Have you tried one of these?

Just realized that Bryce Canyon 100 is next month. Here’s the interview where Scotty interviewed me about running¬†it.

More on the Vibram settlement.

Richard Bowles heading out on 1200km run.

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