Daily News, Wed, May 22

Sorry the News is late. Tapering wasn’t working and I snuck out for an early morning run and got started late.

Here’s a 12 year old who just ran a trail hundred. Thoughts?

At 2:15am PST, Chad Kellogg began his speed ascent to Everest base camp. Track him live here.

I started with a BOB single and have been using a Chariot double for the past year. Welcome to the world of running strollers.

The Angry Jogger has some non-angry tips on speedwork.

Good stuff: The myth of running your own race.

Here are some great pics from Born to Run Ultra this past weekend. The Range of Motion’s coach Andy Sulak took top honors in the 100k and James Bonnett bagged the 100M. Here’s a video of Andy interviewing RD Luis Escobar. Full results this way.

Moving on after a race goes wrong.

Scott Dunlap’s report from the Silver State 50 with some great pics of beautiful, wide open trails!

Want to know more about trail running with a burro? How about Pike’s Peak? Being an ultra dad? Better check out our new podcast with George Zack!

Bad things that good athletes do.

URP hero Ed Whitlock is racing June 2!

Just got our final instructions for Bryce Canyon 100 next Friday. Can’t wait! Aside from figuring out drop bags an attempting to taper (see above), I’m also studying up on how to poop in an eco-commode.

I can not wait for the Cliff Young movie to come out.

Interesting: Can statins cut the benefits of exercise?

How to run faster…now.



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