Daily News, Wed, May 28

Some beautiful musings from an ultra-running aid worker in the most dangerous country in the world. Did you wake up to gunfire and pee in a mug this morning?

Dom has some great ideas about what it takes to win at WS100.

This guy has run every day since 1969. Wow.

We welcome our new Kenyan overlords.

Kids in ultras…a tough subject.

Are you busy tomorrow? Feel like running a 60k up Mt. Everest?

Were you looking for a trail running video with Jenn Shelton?

NUC (No Ultra Content), but that first paragraph is pretty dang remarkable.

What’s it like crewing a runner on a 145 mile run?

I’ve got to agree with Nike on this one.  Don’t alter pics.

Super short news day today. Life calls.

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