Daily News, Wed, May 7

Interesting: What happens when gun time and chip time make the difference in who won? I wonder how many ultras use chip timing? Maybe 10%?

What’s a fit punishment for the asshat who did this?

Beer koozie, bottle insulator, or duckie clothing? All three!
Beer koozie, bottle insulator, or duckie clothing? All three!

NUC, but an riveting story of survival in the Alps.

Haha: Man runs sub 4 bear mile.

Sarah turns in a great Miwok report to TrailRunner Magazine.

Looks like KIlian is training in Squamish, BC.

Vibram settles class action lawsuit, and the class members’ attorneys had a great day.

I dare anyone to run in these. h/t to Mike.

I am incredibly envious of Cory.  I’ll be laying bricks on my patio while chasing a 4year old around.

Some of us just like to run, while some really become students of the sport.  

Here are two new podcasts that sound interesting: Noakes on science and Vonhof on feet.

Some trail running tips from Wardian.

…and some brief words from Scott Jurek.

Some funny new whatisultra GIFs, and one that I’d never seen before.  Ah, must be referring to this updated list!

Here’s how Zach Bitter trains for the trails. Yikes.

Interesting: An ex-con’s guide to prison weightlifting.

Why do we chase round numbers for finishes? Sub 3, sub 24?

How the pros stay lean.

Good stuff: Performance despite setbacks.

Stroller runners unite!

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