Daily News, Wed, May 8

How much (if at all) do you care about the Shiny Metal Objects you get at the end of a race? In ultras it’d have to be Fancy Name Brand Jackets, I guess.

We’ve had a ton of feedback from our most recent podcast with Maggie Akyuz. Here are some answers to some delicate “girl problems.”

Bingo! The benefits of self-coaching.

Here’s the New Balance spoof from Saturday Night Live.

Your plate: Ten reasons to go local.

Looks like there’s a new ultra coming to Michigan that’s promising a great course and beautiful fall colors.  Too long of a drive for me!

Results of a scientific study of participate in a 4500km multi stage race across Europe. Most interesting is the last sentence in the conclusion: “However, body volume or body mass and, therefore, fat volume has no correlation with total race performances of ultra-athletes finishing a 4,500 km multistage race.”

These folks who race for six days make us look positively normal.  You can track them here.

How do elite marathoners choose their races?

We get a lot of questions “what song was that at the end of the interview”….here’s the comprehensive list of all the songs DJ Scotty Sandow chooses for the show.  No, we haven’t compiled them in one file, but if some enterprising person wants to do that, it’d be one helluva soundtrack!

How to train consistently while traveling.

Mamabolo says that runners aren’t educated about doping, especially “black people without computers.”

Should you join a running club or run alone? Where I live we have groups (mainly FB-related), but few clubs dedicated to trails.  I envy the VHTRC we heard about on the Amy Sproston interview.

If you struggle on descents, check out this post/link by Ian Sharman.

If you’ve tried MAP, please shoot me an email. I’m writing a review/article and would love some feedback and views. Thanks.


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