Daily News, Wed, Nov 12

How to plan and run a successful first hundred miler.

Are ultra-athletes defying aging? Very interesting.

So the lady who implemented the new rules that outlawed Badwater is leaving the agency.  Doesn’t sound like she’ll get much of a goodbye party until the door is closed on her way out. Here’s our interview with Badwater RD Chris Kostman.

If you missed this last night, watch it today. Western Time, the story of Sally McRae’s quest to run Western States.

This guy hates cyclists. Great rant.

Wow: UTMB is no longer a NorthFace event. Looks like it’ll be Montrail/Mountain Hardwear.

NUC, but really cool. A rocket-equipped bike vs a Ferrari. Who wins?

NUC again, but check out these rad girls who did some killer high wire slack lining in the Dolomites.

New podcast at noon today. He’s only run a few ultras, but one of them was a big one and he won it. His eyes are set on TNF, and he figures he’ll be throwing down 5 min miles towards the end to stay competitive. Who is it?

Trail Running Camp with Team RWB. This weekend’s going to be a blast. (Is it bad that half my luggage is beer?)

Yoga for runners: The bridge pose.

Tim Tollefson signs with Nike.

How road races are measured. I’d love to see a compilation of runners freaking out over discrepancies in distances…”My Garmin says 3.3 miles! Blergh!” “OMG, this course is .00002 miles long! I HATE the RD!!!”

How different are women runners from men?

Site news: Thanks to everyone who’s contributed recently by buying stickers. You should all have your swag within the next few days.

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