Daily News, Wed, Nov 13

Every runner’s fear: Injury before a big race.

On a related note–>  Pavlov’s runner: Conditioned to fear the run.  What’s yours?

Ian Sharman:  The importance of back to back long runs…and keeping them at a decent pace.

…speaking of crazy back to backs, Mike Wardian is aiming to win two marathons in the same day this weekend. He’s registered for the San Antonio Marathon and Las Vegas Marathon and, if completed (and won), would likely break multiple Guinness Records. Go Mike! Here’s  an article on it.

This 14 yo girl has run a marathon on all seven continents.

Stan Jensen fires a salvo at Leadville, pulling their race from his site because LDV  is “no longer a part of the sport of ultrarunning, but simply a business venture.”  Truly an example of the old school colliding with the future of the sport.

…and Sherpa John is still pretty fired up about it.

…and another angle.

Leor Pantilat does another annotated 360 degree panorama shot of Yosemite peaks.

NCAA runner loses year of eligibility after competing in a costume race.

Simple steps to improving your diet.

“He went a reasonable distance but when he stopped and looked back I said ‘we can do this all day’ so he threw the bag at me and I let him go.”

–Ha! Some jacka$$ shoplifts from a store and a marathoner/coach gives chase.

Interesting: Sometimes radically different shoes don’t change things very much.

Sometimes headlines write themselves: Tongan Runs 150km Ultramarathon Wearing Homemade Jandals.

Yuck, someone must’ve wizzed in his coffee.




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