Daily News, Wed, Nov 19

How did Rob, Sage, and Kaci start running?

Awesome: Four marketing lessons from running a Beer Mile.

More questions about MAF? Wyatt answers some questions here.

I review the Hoka Huaka here. I’ve talked to a lot of people, and everyone’s got a different take on the shoe. For me, it was a bit too wide and slow. For others, it’s perfect.

…and in other shoe news, Vibram claimants will be getting about $8 each from the class action suit.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned on these pages a story about an Oregon runner who was bit by a rattlesnake.  Many of us kicked in some donations to help with her recovery. Here’s her full story. She was also on Ginger Runner’s show here.

“I was an overweight smoker, now I’m a runner!” stories are great, but when the end result is a 2:15 marathon, we’re on a different level.

Spaff is interviewed about snowshoe running here.  I can’t wait for snow to hit the Sierras so I can get out there!

Giant treadmill holds ten runners at once. Haha?

Rad video about Nolan’s 14. Hear my interview with Brandon Stapanowich here.

I’m running The Canyons 100k in May. It’s run on the Western States course from Foresthill,  through the canyons to swinging bridge, then back to Foreshill, then down to Rucky Chucky and back again. Yep, that outta be a pretty good prep for AC100.  Who’s in?

Anton’s shin is flaring up again, but that’s not preventing him from enjoying the mountains.

NUC: Actress Anne Hathaway ditches her vegan lifestyle for a paleo diet.

How Zach Bitter will manage his diet in the three weeks between World 100k champs and Desert Solstice.

There must be dust in this room: A runner remembers her cancerversary. 

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