Daily News, Wed, Nov 20

Does running give us insight and wisdom that we wouldn’t normally have? Read this.

One of my realistic bucket list races has added a 100k option and lottery opens soon.

Check out our brand spankin new podcast with Doctor David Horton.  He’s got experience, opinions, and knowledge, and he’s not afraid to share any of them. Here’s the video by JB Benna. Watch the trailer right now.

And now some dodgy research assumptions tell us that ultra running will extend our lives.

What causes running injuries? Am I jinxing myself by reading this?

Is disposability dead in the endurance community? RDs should do what they feel is right, just make it clear to registrants before we click “confirm.”

Here’s a preview video of the 2014 line from Salomon. Looks expensive.

Good article on caffeine: Social accessory or performance enhancer?

Geoff Roes: Is running selfish?

And here it is folks: The world’s fastest running shoe.  h/t to Stuart F.

He’s got the right attitude.

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