Daily News, Wed, Nov 26

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone. Thank You to all my friends, partners, and family for making my life as happy as can be. I’m getting hungry already!

USA Mountain Running Championships heading to Bend, Oregon next year.

Twelve hill running tips from Cape Town’s trail runners.

Need a new pair of running gloves (or maybe a gift idea?) Check out my comprehensive comparison of six different models.

….or you might find another great gift idea in Scott Dunlap’s list. I’ve never seen that drawstring re-threader before…awesome!

Interesting: Data and findings on how age relates to ultra records.

Pretty good advice on pacing a runner.

Ian chats with Ellie, post World 100k win. I was surprised at how much cross training she does.

And another take on the run, from someone who spent much of the race in a bathroom (and still finished sub 7.)

Seed and nut butter review: My favorite is Boggs’ Trailbutter Ozark Original. Delicious and packed with good calories.

Great interview with Michele Yates (who’s most likely going to have a baby today.) Anyone know?

The seventeen most influential Australian ultrarunners.

More reflections from the World’s Toughest Mudder.

Tim Noakes: Snake oil salesman or genius?

In defense of Dean.  I interviewed him here and have met/run with him a few times and he’s an exceptionally nice guy.

Get to know a female ultrarunner from Iowa.

We’ve all been there: Six reasons he’s scared s#*tless to run his first 50 miler.

The carb vs fat debate lives on.  Here’s a pretty good piece on it.

Are you running a turkey trot tomorrow? What/where?

Site news  I’ve had a ton of inquiries:  No, I won’t be at TRE this year. Chose OR instead. TRE next year. Have fun!

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