Daily News, Wed, Nov 27

Didya check out our newest podcast with Mike Wardian. Fresh off a busy week of two marathons, a 50 miler, and a 5k, we chat with Mike about training, recovery, travel, and how to pass thru TSA with ice in your pants.

…speaking of recovery, how does Zach Bitter recover in between events?

Here’s a fantastic video preview of the TNF course for next weekend. Wouldn’t it be great if all big races had these?

Meet Greg Nacco, a guy who can run the Quad Dipsea in near equal splits.

The power of a daily bout of exercise.

Dakota’s ode to Hardrock and his opinions on sponsorships and big money in the sport.

If you like inspiring weight loss stories, here’s a good one from a high school girl XC runner who lost 150 pounds. Wow.

Sorry for the light news day. I’ll be taking a few days off for the Thanksgiving Holidays, starting now! News will resume Monday, Dec 2. ¬†Drive safe and run well.

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