Daily News, Wed, Nov 5

Rad film about Javelina Jundred. What I learned: Kaci Lickteig has one of the easiest gaits I’ve ever seen.

How not to poop your pants.

Interesting: Sleep deprivation in long MUT running. In it, he references Nickademus’ run at TDG. Hear that interview here (and see the hilarious hallucinations video in the episode notes.)

Mother of SIX breaks female beer mile record. Awesome!

Ding ding, didya see my review of the Runbell?

I post Leor’s run adventures regularly and interviewed him earlier this year. Here’s a news story on him.

I’m becoming a little obsessed with this website.  I love reading about other city’s trail systems. Is yours listed?

Here’s Ian’s review of a new trail cleat from Inov-8. I reviewed the Salomon and IceBug versions here.

Good interview with Jeptoo’s agent about doping.

Speaking of dopes, guess who’s baaaack?

Ten question with blind R2R2R runner Dan Berlin.

Good stuff: When runners mountaineer. I’m surprised there haven’t been more accidents from  unprepared runners.

“I saw a study that showed….”  Oh yeah?

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