Daily News, Wed, Nov 6

Geoff Roes on the coming revival of road and track ultras and why Jon and Sabrina don’t get no respect.Asset-00620_image

Did ya hear our new podcast/swoon-fest with Rory Bosio?

NYC Marathon’s oldest competitor from Sunday tragically died from a fall suffered during the race.

Oh good! Something else to injure!

The NYT covers a runner during the Oil Creek 100 and does a good job capturing the experience and mentality of a guy who went from a 5k directly to Marathon de Sables.

What are you doing next August? Want to run through the Rockies with Jenn and Rickey?

If you’re not totally pumpkined-out, these look delicious.

Huh. It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sure the best way to support spinal cord injuries is to chase down runners with cars.

How to run a better track workout.

Good stuff: Running in the dark.  Not sure I always agree with him, but I like his work.

Read this: Interview with T&F stud Anthony Famiglietti.

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