Daily News, Wed, Oct 1

Very revealing interview from mid-distance Flagstaff athlete Matt Llano, along with friends Alicia Shay and Chris Vargo. From my perspective, there are very few–if any–elite LGBT MUT (acronym-palooza!) runners, and I can’t figure out why.

Hardrock 100 registration is open. Who’s entering?


I haven’t watched it all yet, but here’s a fun film by TheGingerRunner about his run at Squamish.

The Swinging Bridge on the Western States course has been fixed. Located in the Canyons between Last Chance and Deadwood, the bridge looked like this (top) since the American Fire. Thanks to the US Forest Service out of Tahoe (and a healthy contingent of volunteers), the bridge is fixed! Thank You!

Ten life lessons learned from her first 50 miler.

How to tell a trail runner from a road runner.

This Trail of the Month in Idaho leads to a wrecked WWII plane.

Cory’s report from the Bear Mudfest 100.

And once again, Leor finds some trails and wilderness that are mind blowing.

Sherpa John lays out the role of advertising and marketing in his “So you wanna be an RD?” series.

Lizzy Hawker is bringing a new 150k to the Swiss/Italian Alps.  Might be kinda nice.8418_1236057018768_5156850_n

Recording two new interviews today! One with a very speedy gal who’s looking to a huge 2015, and one with this guy. —>

From my experience, HS XC teams have the best students, parents, and coaches on campus.   Generally just a good group of people. Then there’s this hag.

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