Daily News, Wed, Oct 15

Why you should have a female as a crew chief.

Great stuff: Three workouts to increase pain tolerance.

I think a lot of people feel like Wyatt about the current scene, but then some of us realize what fun big races can be and sign up…adding to the madness.

If you’re really into maps, here’s nearly every topo map the USGS has ever made. For free.

Whoa: 75km of swimming and running in between and on the Swedish archipelago.

I’ll be forty in four months and one day, I should probably read this.

Ugh. What it’s like to lose someone in an avalanche.  Basti and Andrea must’ve been pretty amazing guys.

Solid advice on running your first ultra.

Read about “what’s your fitness age” here, or just jump to the test. No, it’d doesn’t post to Facebook or anything…just questions.  I’m “under 20.”   You?

Dakota’s race directing report.  Here’s our interview with him from earlier this year.

At this year’s Kona Ironman, the top five shoes worn: Asics, Saucony, Newton, Brooks, and Hoka.

NUC and NFI, but if you’re looking for a sweet camping pad, this looks pretty nice.

Or if you’re not busy in August of next year, the Bigfoot200 will be running from Mount St Helens through the Cascades, across the Gorge, and finishing in Oregon. Wow.

We’ve all been there: The time I got lost during an ultra.

This poor guy is in the news because he finished an ultra with a nasty case of the runs.

Feel like taking a survey about running? Here you go.

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