Daily News, Wed, Oct 2

Grindstone100 was slated for this weekend in Virginia, but because of the government shutdown, it’s been suspended. It’s hard to imagine an organized group more affected by park closures than us.

New study shows that shoe construction really doesn’t matter.

Huh? If it works for tri’s, maybe we outta see if we can televise the URP Daily News.

Something that most trail runners can appreciate, though it’s not directed towards us: An ode to PB&J. It’s one of those foods I always grab for and that can’t be screwed up. Creamy, crunchy, jam, jelly, I love them all.

Anton visits the Tetons.

Hey ladies, stay safe out there.

Short news day. What did I miss?

The perfect job for an ultrarunner? I wonder if they’d let you run or if you have to walk?

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