Daily News, Wed, Oct 22

Check out the pics from Lizzy Hawker’s upcoming 150k in the Italian and Swiss alps. Wooooow.

Do you run in your dreams, but your legs won’t move? Here’s why.

Five questions with the Ginger Runner.

What’d you do last weekend? Ed ran 2 hundreds. Here’s our interview from last year.

But also impressive were these 5 records set at the Toronto Marathon. Ian and Mike, ball’s in your court now.

Ten hardest hikes runs. Including a peak in SoCal with 7500′ elev over 7 miles and the quintessential NE roots and rocks.

“It was the hardest race of my life but also my happiest. And to beat all the guys felt amazing. What are they like with all their testosterone?”

–Scottish runner Fiona Ross after setting new record with 144 miles over 24 hours (and beating all the fellas.)

Matt Flaherty’s report from Patagonia, part one.

Good words from Sherpa John. (and a heads up that I’ll hopefully be recording a podcast with Jeremy tomorrow.)

Yes! Some workouts work for some people, some don’t. If it works for you, do it.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but if I ever had to rely on a compass and map, I’d die in the woods.

Don’t be a creepy runner. (But if you’re worried about your surroundings, ya probably shouldn’t be zoned out with headphones either.)

Who lives near Fort Collins? Clarkie, right? Someone has got to get to this brewery to taste what they’re doing with Count Chocula.

Speaking of beer….Hey criminal, you’re doing it wrong.

Great bio on Tom Hurd. Read it.

Bronco Billy reflects on his 20th 100 miler and how the past 12 years have changed him.

A bit more on Max’s Warrior Dash win.

Not surprised: Nutrition facts on food and menus don’t motivate better eating.

This guy’s training for an arctic ultra in a pasty shop freezer.

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