Daily News, Wed, Oct 23

Javelina 100 mens preview.

Nicklaus Combs documented everything he ate at a hundred in Virginia (with 32k’ of climbing! Yikes!)  Here it is.

San Francisco accidentally sends marathon noise complaints to phone sex hotline. Yeah…oops!

If you’re holed up in a cubicle, you’ll probably not want to read this piece by Joe Grant about immersing yourself in nature.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits a beer festival. Hilarious.

Does anyone know where this is? Arizona maybe? Not to be wierd, but listening to his breathing is pretty cool.  [according to the intrawebz, it’s in Utah. Killer trails!]

How awesome must that be? Haile G hosts a marathon in Ethiopia.

And this got me thinking. Except for a handful of cases, elite MUT runners seem to be a lot more consistent than their roadie counterparts. Yeah there are injuries, but most “elite” ultrarunners seem to show up to the races they’re registered for.

There’s some new site that’s supposed to “unify California runners” but there’s no mention of endurance running or trails. Opportunity. Lost.

Short news day. Sorry.

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