Daily News, Wed, Oct 29

Short news day. Prepping for two big interviews today.

Fifty thoughts every trail runner has had when out for a run. #43 is spot on, right?

Here’s our latest review on the Hoka Stinson Lite. Great for long and slow road ultras, not great for trails or speed.

Depression, running, and its aftermath.

Speed matters in ultras.

Cool video: The joy of running in a beautiful place.

The International Beer Mile Association is hosting a big event right before Javelina. Check it out here.

Looks like GoLite is taking a DNF.

Joe posts a good report from the Oregon Coast 50k. Looks awesome! Also be sure to check out the link he shares where he’s helping out his friend Jenn. She’s a trail runner, mother of four, recently lost her job, and got bit twice by a rattle snake when on a run.  There are always causes out there, but this one I can relate to, so I kicked in $20.

Gels can help, but you need to pace them right.

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