Daily News, Wed, Oct 30

Dakota on the importance of intervals for ultrarunners.  Do your speedwork, folks.

…meanwhile, Wyatt is trying out CrossFit to see how it effects his running.

How to be a better ultrarunner…I gotta get this book.

Want to help “ultrarunning’s #1 fan” get to Western States. Support Dooper here.

What to do when you see a cougar advice that’s pretty funny.

Since January 2012, 17 Kenyan athletes have been suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs compared with only two between 2010 and 2012. Read on.

Maybe PEDs should just be legalized. A tired debate renewed.

Got a few bucks to spare? This gal ran her first hundred at JJ100 this past weekend and finished just before the cutoff. While running, her house burned to the ground and she and her family need to start over.

USATF announces 2014 Track and Field Outdoor Championships will  be held in Sacramento…at Sac State, which is literally less than a mile from my house.  Same week as Western, which will put me into some sort of running vortex I hope to recover from.

Ian discusses the 10% rule as it applies to shorter races, longer ultras, and everything in between.  I haven’t dug through it in depth, but shouldn’t the conclusion simply be that the 10% rule, with very few exceptions, is rubbish?

Speaking of men/women, here’s an analysis of how men and women run the marathon differently. I suppose the same applies to ultras.

Here’s a quick interview with the female Spartathlon champ.

We’re interviewing the expected winner of Ultra Performance of the Year tonight.  Who might that be?

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