Daily News, Wed, Oct 8

Not intentional, but most of the stories in the news today are female-centric, so…Happy Wednesday ladies!

Did you check out the Blood Moon this morning? I was out for a run and saw it…pretty cool!

Check out our new podcast with Larisa Dannis. Interested in heart rate training? Maffetone? How to recover after a hundred?  Chock full of good information from one seriously fast chica.

Barfing, kangaroos, and dehydration…another day, another ultra in South Australia.

Racecations seem to be more popular and effective with the marathons crowd.  We tend to wig out the day before a hundred, attend mandatory meetings, spend all weekend running, then the next few days moaning and eating. Not a lot of fun for the rest of the family…

She’s fast, tough, and adorable. Meet Janessa Taylor.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive review on Montrail trail shoes for women.

Good lesson from a hard bonk.

Lauren Fleshman never shies away from tackling big issues: Femininity in athletics.

And similarly…do women-only races still have a purpose? I know of only a few MUT races solely for women, but I don’t know anyone who runs them.

Grand Canyon R2R2R is hard enough…Dan’s doing it and he’s blind..

NUC, but this female sprinter has elevated testosterone levels and is not allowed to race as a female.  How should T&F deal with cases like this?


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