Daily News, Wed, Oct 9

Are ultra distance athletes special?

Ten things dog owners should never say to runners.

Great video from Run the Rut 50k in Big Sky, Montana.

…and some equally nice trail porn (video) from Oz.

Looks like LeGrizz 50 will be moved due to the shutdown.

Three (generic) tips for a smooth race start. I think I’d add: Don’t drink too much caffeine, don’t have earbuds in at the start, be sure to visit the bathroom well in advance, and chill out…this is going to be fun and you’re lucky to be out here.

…and here’s the Angry Jogger’s (bad) advice on handing your first race.

Getting older: Ten tips to help you hold your edge.

So I’m gonna build a tire pull. 

Roes discusses the cupless conundrum.  I’ll agree with him.  Cups or no cups, but none of this reusable trash.

Eleven year old girl wins 5k in New Jersey.

Here’s a Kickstarter campaign for a neat trail movie project in the UK.

A climber discusses Kilian and Emelie’s folly in the Alps.



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