Daily News, Wed, Sep 10

Great post: Is ultrarunning sustainable?

A friendly reminder on how to stay safe on the trails during hunting season. Anyone ever had an issue?

With Run the Rut this weekend, here are five questions with Kilian, Ellie, Rickey, and more.

Tahoe200 DNF report from this Guy.  And a bunch of cool pics from the event.

Achilles Tendonitis doesn’t exits—but here’s how to treat it anyways.

Really cool video about Tor des Geants that doesn’t show much running.

Science: Shaving legs saves cyclists valuable time.

Not all weight loss is good weight loss…from the author of “Racing Weight.”

Good stuff: Roes’ musings on how Americans fared at UTMB.

Anton’s report from the race right here.

Quickie with Scott J.

And Adam’s UTMB report.

We discussed this yesterday on FB, but I wouldn’t be putting a lot of long term money into Garmin and Suunto these days…

How to get in hill shape when you live somewhere flat. I’d also add: Pull a tire and find a parking garage.


Nine ways to squander your training.

The fifteen best ultramarathon aid station foods.

The ten stark truths of dating a beer nerd.


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