Daily News, Wed, Sep 11

Definitely one of the strangest 50ks in the world…the Burning Man Ultra.  Listen to our podcast with RD Cherie to hear more about it.

Good recap of the Silverton Challenge…where the shortest distance offered is 24 hours.

Where did all the great Mexican runners go?

Is it OK to drop down a distance after the race starts? My (and your) thoughts here.

Good stuff: Joe Uhan discusses Overtraining Syndrome and why it’s a very real problem. Is this what Geoff Roes has?

…speaking of Roes, Geoff discusses the recent globalization of ultrarunning and how it might affect the sport.

…and speaking of global series…Skyrunning is coming to Australia.  Maybe I’m missing something, but what’s all the excitement about Skyrunning? These races already existed, right? Isn’t this just a label on them? Please help.

Pictures from WS100 course, post forest fire.

All I wanted to do was stumble my way to my crew and go back to Chamonix and drink some vin. That was the plan which seamed reasonable, I just needed to get off the mean-ass mountain.

–All that and more from Tim Olson’s UTMB race report.

Registration for Bryce 100 opened yesterday.  Hear my report of this fantastic event here and definitely check it out if you’re looking for beautiful trail and perfect race direction.

Ryan Sandes went up to the mountains to reevaluate his running and get his head straight. It worked, and now he’s ready to rock.

Quickie with Rory.

This guy was lost in the Andes for four months and lived to tell about it. Wow!

What happens when you set out to hike/climb all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4k’ peaks in six days?  Well, you learn 48 lessons here.

A bunch of hundreds coming up this weekend. Run Rabbit Run in CO, Pine to Palm in OR, Headlands Hundred in San Francisco (I’m running), Plain100 in WA, Hawk Hundred in KS, and Mark Twain Hundred in MO.  Have fun out there runners!

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