Daily News, Wed, Sep 17

Awesome: Racing the Tube in London.

I’ve discovered that my running and driving styles are very similar–always pushing the edge of  blowing up on the trail or getting a ticket.  Likewise, some people drive slow and prudently and run within their comfort zone all the time. Are yours similar?

Great stuff: Ian tackles the curious question of drop.

Compliments that only a runner would understand.

Jeremy Wolf’s report and pics from The Rut 50k.  This post does a great job showing how technical and tough the course really was.

Does anyone want to guess the race and year of the pic on the homepage (right above “Daily News)?

Awesome video of MUTs resident hipster-vagabond-action-hero Anton at UTMB.

Scott’s report from Pine to Palm (with his dad as crew!)  I was hoping for some more of those pics where we were able to zoom in on specific parts. Was that an app?

Coaching: Ryan Hall fires God and hires Jack Daniels.  

Make a commitment to tackle one of these microadventures soon.

Runner’s World (shouldn’t that be a possessive “Worlds”? Grammar nazis, help me out)  Fall 2014 Shoe Guide. I’m trying the Brooks Pure Grit 3s now.

If Dakota ever comes up lame, I think he’ll have a lucrative career in writing to fall back on.

The importance of dirt between our toes.

Four common mistakes people make when foam rolling.

Site news: Daily News might be a bit late for Thurs and Fri. I’ll be on the road (driving like an idiot) and will do my best.


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