Daily News, Wed, Sep 24

Lessons learned at Fat Dog.

So ya wanna be an RD, part 6: Insurance, shirts, shwag, and volunteers.

OK, this is ridiculous. I’ve got to get David Johnston on the show.

The art of manliness: Trail Running 101. But no mention of beards?

Max’s report from the Spartan World Championships. Max is fast and fit, and if he says it’s tough, I’ll believe him.

Call it downtime, hiatus, getting chubby, whatever. I’m in the midst of it.

Fancy gear to help runners diagnose form and gait issues. I usually rely on “Hey Eric, why’s your left leg looking all stupid when you run?” or something similar.

Follow up podcast from Monday’s Daily News: I chat with USATF 50k Trail Champ Tim Tollefson on what happens when a 2:18 road marathoner runs his first trail race.

If you’ve got the stomach for it…This Letsrun thread starts in 2010 (which actually serves as a fun little time capsule) as it attempts to identify the “top ultra runners in the country”, then somehow barfs all over itself and finds it’s way to the present.

If I were to go out and buy a bike, I’d have no idea where to start. Ian helps out here.

True for me: When I’m in great shape, my body doesn’t want junk food.

Another totally incredible trail running adventure from Leor. The pics are beautiful.

No GIF updates on whatisultra in over a month. What happened?

A great adventure with pics from Rod Bien on the Timberline Trail.

Spaff takes us along for a trail run in Ontario. Of course, there’s a Tim Horton’s reference.

Is exercise bad for your teeth?

It’s nice to see this shoe getting some attention. It’s no gimmick.

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