Daily News, Wed, Sep 25

Awesome: Utah woman is overall winner at marathon.

Is it because women smell competition?

If you’re running the Vermont 50 this weekend, check this out.

Geoff Roes talks about seeing races and pacing from the other side.  He mentions Miwok ’08 as his first non-Alaskan ultra, and I ran it that year too. I remember seeing Mackey so very far ahead of everyone and Jurek not leading and can recall exactly where I was when they flew by me.  I felt like hell, but what a great day.

Check out this spectacular run/route Leor mapped in the High Sierra. Wow! I had no idea places like that existed in California. Amazing pics.

A few weeks after busting his ribs on the Matterhorn, Scott Dunlap heads to the snow to compete in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Ouch!  Great report right this way.

Did you see this great video of Dakota running in the mountains?

This is how you’re supposed to use a treadmill.

I think it’s fair to say that, after reading this race report about his Tor des Geants finish, Nickademus Hollon is nuts.  In a good way. But definitely nuts.

The Grand to Grand Ultra is going on as we speak. Listen to our podcast with finisher Sarah Lavender Smith from last year and read her thorough report here.

More on the pseudo races debate from last year: Is participating in a mud run better than sitting on the couch?

Losing is good for you.

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