Daily News, Wed, Sep 4

Here’s an attorney’s take on the Grand Slam issue we discussed yesterday.

It’s no secret that we enjoy drinking beer, but what happens when it becomes a big problem?  Good piece by Chris Vargo on overcoming alcoholism and how ultrarunning played a part.

Everything you ever wanted to know about porta potties at races.

If running is supposed to help with stress, and training is stressing you out, should you stop running? Interesting dilemma, but I would have made a different decision.

Intriguing read: Malcolm Gladwell asks do genetic advantages makes sports unfair?

No Ultra Content, but still worth a look: 99 uncensored ways to live life.

I’d never heard of Flynn Schulz, but he must have been a hell of a guy. Numerous ultra accomplishments, including LT100 two weeks before his untimely death.

Check out this nice little section of trail in Wake Forest, NC.  I’d love to live near something like that.

The dude who just signed a huge soccer contract with Real Madrid was a pretty good runner as a kid. A 2:24 800m when he was 12! Good decision to focus more on soccer seems to have worked out for him though, eh?

Another attempt at Nolan’s 14 ends in a DNF.  I’m guessing this FKT will be a goal of a lot runners next summer.

Speaking of Colorado, here are some incredible pics and stories from Kevin’s recent running adventure in the Rockies.


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