Daily News, Wed, Sept 18

Nick Clark got his trophy after all.

The boys at Ultra168 take on the DNF stigma.

Good stuff: Outrunning the flood.

Our hero Ed Whitlock just broke another 80+ record.

…the runners begin with no shoes and are required to make their own sandals to run the course. Runners cannot carry a pack and are required to make their own carrying implement. They will also be filtering their own water and carrying their own food.

This is what happens when you combine ToughMudder and an ultramarathon, and put the RD from Fuego y Agua in charge.

No more selfies at the Hong Kong Marathon.

Interesting article by Alex Hutchinson on building mental muscle.  The most tiring runs for me aren’t long ultras with no sleep, but rather the technical runs that demand my brain be working 100% of the time.

An amusing look at how iRunFar handles the logistics of real time race reporting.

Officially the shortest (mens) shorts in existence. Oy vey.  h/t to Kyle Kranz. Ladies (or gents?), are these attractive?

Great article by Lauren Fleshman on why running and science don’t always mix.

The kids on letsrun are floating a rumor that McMillan Elite Coaching will be shutting down after  December.  Any truth to this? If so, will it affect Ian Torrence’s coaching group?

Redemption! Michelle Yates’ Run Rabbit Run report.

Inspiration story about a kid from Oklahoma who started doing ultras.


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