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Great headline: Rugged and crazed cyclists, runners ready for Iditarod Trail Invitational.

Ian’s Transgrancanaria race review. Chaigneau, Jurek, Olson, Sandes, DBo, Wolfe…and a bunch of ladies I’m not terribly familiar with.

We’re putting together an awesome list of recipes from our past guests and daily readers. If you’ve got one to share, please send it my way.–> [email protected]

What’s the weirdest gear at Sochi?

…speaking of the Olympics, Sir David Attenborough’s (who? Yeah, you know his voice) awesome curling commentary.

Stay tuned for a Garmin 620 review and a new podcast dropping this weekend.

I think we need to hire this guy as our cycling correspondent.

Why running in the dark feels harder. Strange… I find the opposite to be true. You?

Thank You! Did you see our Pliny giveaway?

As someone (hopefully) on the final stages of an injury, these GIFs talk to me!

Wow: How running saved the life of an Olympian.

Your daily dose of clickbait: The eight toughest races in the world.

A guide to meats.

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