Daily News, Thurs April 4

Here’s the Lake Sonoma prediction contest we’ve been squawking about. Name the top three gents and ladies and win great prizes from Inside Trail Racing, Victory Sportdesign, San Francisco Running Company, URP, and Mauka Running. Only one guess per person, so choose wisely!

Here’s a film festival in South Africa dedicated to trail running. Nice!

Dave James’ Fort Clinch 100 race report.

Here’s a bunch of reviews of minimalist running shoes. I wouldn’t put the On CloudSurfer in that category at all, not sure why it’s there.

Lance to start competing in competitive swimming. At least he didn’t choose trail running. Update: Lance withdraws due to objections.

…speaking of doping, some dirty athletes have a new strategy to circumvent controls.

Which is harder? Swimming the English Channel or climbing Everest?

This is a visual guide to plant-based proteins in pdf form. Print it out and hang it on the fridge. I’m not giving up meat, but nothing wrong with more protein, right?

More evidence that hill repeats are the key to successful running.

…and *ahem*, the cult of nutrition.

“I’d lost my ipod in the forest on that loop, so my mother handed me hers and for the first hour I was listening to some crazy techno and things were a little weird for a while.”

Here’s a great interview with Barkley winner Nick Hollan.

Speaking of which…How I learned to love running without an iPod.

Chuckanut 50k gets some love in NatGeo.




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