Darcy Piceu Interview

Darcy Piceu Interview

Darcy Piceu


Whether you know her as Darcy Africa or Darcy Piceu, she’s undoubtedly the Queen of Hardrock, having won the race in three out of her six finishes.

Darcy also holds the overall (male or female) record for the Rocky Mountain Slam—that’s Bighorn 100, Hardrock 100, Leadville 100, and Bear 100, all in one year.

In this interview, I learn more about her life, her workouts, and she helps me understand what it takes to succeed in such a tough race.  Essentially, run smart, run your own race, adapt to the situation at hand, and have fun.  But what does all that mean exactly?


You’ll have to hear about her first time running Hardrock and the young kid she picked up to pace her along the way. Guess who it was?  If she gets in this year, will she run with a pacer again?  What role does her crew play?  All those questions answered, and more in this wide-ranging interview with Hoka athlete Darcy Piceu.

Darcy Piceu Episode Notesdarcy piceu buckin hell

  • Sponsored by the Buckin Hell 50k. July 23 in North Vancouver, BC. Directed by Gary Robbins and crew, this is described as burly and technical and lots of fun.  Race is in two months….sign up now.
  • Here’s Jemez Mountain 50, and here’s Bigfoot 120, the two races we spoke about during the podcast.
  • Here’s a video from Smartwool/ROAM TV that shows Darcy Piceu’s run at Hardrock 2015.
  • Here’s a link to Matt Flaherty’s music.


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