Dave Mackey Interview

Dave Mackey has won big races and earned the respect of other runners for well over a decade.  Even at 45 years old, he’s widely considered one of the toughest runners on the trails, able to endure pain and push his body to it’s limit in pursuit of a goal.

Then on May 23 of this year, exactly one month ago today, Dave stepped on a loose rock while on a trail run outside Boulder.  Since that fateful step, Dave’s life has changed drastically.

The rescue. Photo courtesy Bill Wright.
The rescue. Photo courtesy Bill Wright.

In this interview, we talk about the accident and exactly what happened. Who saved him and what did he do right? How did his endurance and medical training help him? What’s his prognosis? Will he run, or even walk again?

And now sidelined for the upcoming Western States, Dave offers some insight on who he thinks might stand on the podium this coming Saturday.  He’ll be watching from home this year, but we all hope to see him on the trails again soon.

Episode Notes:

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Here’s the fundraising site to help Dave and his family with expenses.  He’s said that anything beyond what he needs will be donated to the Rocky Mountain Rescue group.

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