David Laney UROY Interview

Ultrarunner of the Year David Laney joins URP to chat about what led up to his incredible 2015 and what he’s looking forward to this year.  After strong wins at Bandera and Chuckanut, a top ten at States and 3rd overall at UTMB, he’s still got Olympic Marathon Trials this year and a whole slew of races to conquer in 2016. Let’s learn more!

David Laney ITMB finish
David Laney at UTMB finish.

We discuss:

  • How does he train for roads and trails concurrently?
  • How did he get on a beer team without really being a beer drinker?
  • What does he think of PED use?
  • Who are his ultra mentors?
  • What advice does he have for roadie converts?
  • What does he think of high school cross country?
  • And why in the heck did he live in his Pontiac last year?
  • His mustache.
David Laney Western States finish
David Laney at Western States finish line.

Episode Notes:

David Laney Chamonix
David Laney at Chamonix

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