David Roche – Coaching Ultramarathon Runners

David Roche – Coaching Ultramarathon Runners

david roche ultramarathon coach
Megan and David Roche
























I had David Roche on the show early last year to talk about what it’s like being married to a stud ultrarunner (his wife Megan), but this time Ethan and I had the chance to pin David down and ask him a bunch of questions about coaching, all based around the weekly column he writes for Trail Runner Magazine (NFI).

  • How to work on hills without hills.
  • How to train for altitude without altitude.
  • Why some people shouldn’t run fifty milers.
  • How to improve your speed during a lunch workout.
  • Why you should be having fun out there.
  • and more. They’re all easy, pragmatic, and designed for MUT runners.
david roche ultramarathon coach
David Roche in Hawaii

We also discuss philosophy of coaching, who needs to be coached, and why some top runners work better with some coaches than others.  All around, a free-ranging discussion with two inquisitive runners and one of the top ultramarathon coaches in the country.

david roche ultramarathon coach


David Roche – Coaching Ultramarathon Runners Episode Notes:

Here’s David’s site. (This wasn’t a paid spot and I have no financial interest…only interest.)

Here are the Brooks Cascade “Scott Jurek 2189 Edition” shoes I was talking about.

Follow David on the twitter machine at @mountainroche.

david roche
David leading Way Too Cool this year. He won.

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