David Stango – The Eastern States 100 Interview

David Stango Interview – Eastern States 100

We all know about the iconic Western States Endurance Run, but let’s jump across the continent and learn about the Eastern States 100.  My guest David Stango has been running ultras for ten years and chose Eastern States 100 as his first “official” hundred miler.

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What did he learn?  How did having a pacer for the first time affect his race? What’s the course like? How about the weather?  Does running a course on your home turf (David’s a PA native) change the experience at all?

David shared his stories and training leading up to the race, the execution, and what he’s got planned for the future. This is a guy with a wife, job, kids, and the ability to plan ahead…something we could all do better.

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David Stengo – Eastern State 100 Episode Notes:

Here’s David’s blog.

Here’s the site for the Eastern States 100.

Outro: Here’s Matt’s music site with the live recording from Boulder. (Again, no $ affiliation at all. I just like his music and he allows me to play it.)

Here’s David’s own music site with his original tunes.

Here’s the Gary Robbins interview.

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