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If you’ve opened up a trail or ultramarathon magazine or been on social media in the past few years, you’ve seen Derrick Lytle’s work. He specializes in time lapse photography and desert scapes, but he’s also frequently found clinging to the side of a trail getting a shot of your favorite runner.

derrick Lytle picture
Derrick Lytle – Ultimate selfie on the Arizona Trail.

In this interview, we talk first about his own running. Derrick has recently returned from an attempt at the 800 mile Arizona Trail, but came up short after Mother Nature forced him to change plans. This was his second attempt, and he sounds like he’ll be back at it again.

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As someone who has zero–nil, zilch, nothin–skill behind a lens, I asked Derrick about the art and craft of filmmaking a bit and we talked about the industry and how he goes about pitching projects and getting hired to make films.  I’m fascinated by different roles in this industry and Derrick has an important one…and one I’ve often wondered about.

Derrick Lytle picture
Derrick Lytle shooting in the sand. Pic by Matt Brown.

We talk about the low low female representation in outdoor photography (and filmmaking and podcasting) and what some of the causes may be.  We also dive into a subject I wrote about last year, and that’s the increased (and dangerous) number of cameras on the course and how it takes away from the natural feeling of our sport. Is there a solution? Likely not.

Lots to talk about!

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