Double Wide India Pale Ale, Boulevard Brewing Company

It is pretty rare that this California boy sees any beers from the Mid-West in his local bottle shop. When I saw this fine selection from Boulevard Brewing Company based in Kansas City, I whipped it up faster than a twister snatching up Dorothy and her little dog too.

SIGHT: Orange burnt-amber, so dark you can’t see through it. One inch foam reduced with foam residue on the sides of the glass.

SMELL: Super hoppy malt goodness. Smell of hops, malt, and a little pine.

TASTE: VERY robust hoppy bite, not for the meek. Tip of the tongue tingles at entry, back of taste buds harbor the bitterness. Hops, malt, citrus and a little pine round this twister proof double IPA.


DINERO: $2.99 for a 12 oz. bottle

SECONDS?: I would drink this again. I especially like that it’s a 12 oz bottle and not a 22 oz. Just enough to reach the ground. Well done Missouri, well done.



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