Doug Strachan | Training for Mountain Races 1,000 feet Underground

When Stephanie Case (interview here) tells me that someone she met has a good and compelling story, my ears perk up and I pay attention. In this episode, Kiwi Doug Strachan tells a story about a life changing experience ten years ago that set him up for the extraordinary training regimen he uses now.

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Clean Doug Strachan

Doug just finished the 205 mile Tor des Geants in the Alps, and his training for the 80,000 of vert was certainly unique: Doug works in a coal mine, one thousand feet underground in Australia, and used the climb out to prepare for TDG. His endurance training? Running barefoot through the hottest part of Australia, dodging venomous snakes and spiders and doing his best to avoid wild dogs and pigs.

But how did he get to this place? Was Doug a life long runner who’s now realizing the ultimate dream of competing in the Alps? Hardly.
His story of his past ten years involves a midlife crisis, a coma, and a lot of unanswered questions that he’s still working through.

Doug also shares the details of his run at TDG–how his “Aussie Girls” anticipated his every move and deserve massive credit, and how he’s learned to fight hallucinations in endurance events. For more on hallucinations and the race, check out this interview with Nick (Hollon) DeLaRosa from a few years ago.

The episode where Kiwi Doug Strachan talks about how he was in a coma for three months, then trained for TDG in a coal mine.
Dirty Doug Strachan

Doug Strachan Episode Notes

Margaret River Ultramarathon in Australia, and here’s the Little Creatures Brewery tour in Freemantle.

The old Italian guy at UTMB: Marco Olmo.

Outro music by The Black Seeds

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