Duncan Callahan

Duncan Profile PicElite Altra runner Duncan Callahan wrote a compelling piece recently about “The Burden of Self-Improvement”  that really hit home for a lot of people. He wrote how we need to stop trying to perfect the little things about our own running, and instead focus on the aspects of MUT running that really matter.

Should we stress about which Garmin to buy when we’re not focusing on the best workouts? Does a sticker really matter if we’re not getting enough sleep? Does the weight of your hydration pack matter if you’re not watching your own weight?

The post hit home for me, so I got hold of Duncan and invited him on the show to chat about his ideas in more depth.  Duncan’s got a wealth of experience to draw from, from coaching runners to finishes at Hardrock and a solid win at Leadville.

 Episode Notes

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Here’s Duncan’s site.

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