Dylan Bowman – The UTMF Typhoon and His New Partnership With Red Bull

Dylan Bowman – What happens when a typhoon changes the race from a 100 miler to a 27 miler?  If you’re training is on point, you win the race.

Dylan Bowman at UTMF. Photo: Koichi Iwasa from dogsorcaravan.com
Dylan Bowman at UTMF. Photo: Koichi Iwasa from dogsorcaravan.com


In this interview, Dylan Bowman describes the best block of training of his life, as he focused on Ultra Trail Mt Fuji in Japan.  He used championship 50ks as training runs, used downtime to his advantage, and reflected on what he learned about his self confidence at North Face Australia last year

A typhoon in Japan had other plans, and that plan forced a massive course change that cut over 70 miles off of the course, changing the race from a tough 100 miler to a speedy fast trail marathon.  How did he deal with the big change?   Was there a gear issue?  How did he feel afterwards? Was he satisfied that his training had been put to good use?

dylan bowman
DBo on final descent at USATF Trail Champ 50k with my son Van serenading him.

We also talk about his new sponsorship with Red Bull and we get into some geeky talk about the vetting process that athletes go through with major sponsors.

Dylan Bowman Episode Notes

broken arrow skyraceEpisode sponsored by The Broken Arrow Skyrace.  June 16-17 at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, California.

Here’s Dylan’s blog about the Mt Fuji race.

Here’s the NorthFace Hyper Air jacket Dylan recommended I take with me to the Himalayas.

And yep, here’s the story about Jim Walmsley wrecking the R2R2R FKT in the Grand Canyon.

Here’s the whole roster of Red Bull athletes.

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