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“If ultrarunning had a voice, it would belong to Eric Schranz.”

Established in early 2011, ultrarunnerpodcast.com blazed the trail that other podcasts have since followed.  The site showcases over 400 podcasts on an interactive website with discussions, pictures, reviews, and a dynamic daily news feed. Total audio downloads to date are 6.5 million and counting. (Apr 2018)

The site is managed and hosted by Eric Schranz and co-hosted by Sarah Lavender Smith, a certified running coach, author, and editor at TrailRunner Magazine. 

Gear reviews are conducted and written by Gear Editor Ben Zuehlsdorf, a runner and writer from Mill Valley, CA with a unique and honest approach to the expanding specialty gear market.

Sarah Bradham, a climber/mountaineer-turned trail runner and running camp host joined the URP team in 2018 to review products with a focus on female-specific gear.


 Site Features:

  • Podcasts are ~60 minutes in length and are professionally recorded and produced. Available on iTunes or the website at no cost. Guests include a who’s who of ultra running with elite runners, coaches, nutritionists, race directors, authors, and “Average Joes.”
  • Site updates daily (M-F) with the popular Daily News page, a rundown on all news ultra, including events, blogs, reports, and news stories.
  • Honest reviews of shoes, clothing, gear, and craft beer. 
  • Social media portals integrate Facebook and Twitter audiences.
  • The Black Toenail Hall of Fame.
  • ~10 site updates/week.


  • 300k monthly impressions.
    • 169k monthly audio downloads.
    • 129k monthly pave view. 
  • 25k monthly unique visitors
  • Avg time on site: 7 minutes

Numbers updated Feb 2018


“Advertising with URP was a great experience. Eric worked with us to accomplish several different goals that we set to achieve prior to the campaign. We ended up hitting all three and building brand awareness with a highly targeted and engaged audience. Our advertising spend paid off tremendously and continues to payoff even after our campaign has ended because these podcasts live forever.”  -URP past advertiser

Ultrarunnerpodcast is a great resource for in depth interviews with all sorts of personalities from the ultrarunning world. Their interviews are fun and entertaining but also a great source of information and inspiration. The downloads are great to listen to on a long run!” Ellie Greenwood

Be sure to check out Ultrarunnerpodcast.com for some fresh new web and podcast interviews and articles. The team behind it, Eric Schranz, and Scotty Sandow have put together an AMAZING amount of content in their debut effort. Best of all, the interviews are crystal clear, paced well, and funny!”  Scott Dunlap, atrailrunnersblog.com


: Wonderful podcast, smart, entertaining, informative, and just good fun!  Love to listen when I’m stuck in the car or working in the yard. Can’t get enough of these two, I love the guests they interview and the great information they share with all of us. I have been listening since day one and have heard every one. Sometimes I will listen to old ones while waiting for a new one! I listen to other running podcasts which I also enjoy, but this is my favorite.”–Runner6irl, Feb, 2013

So today I hopped back on ultrarunnerpodcast and took a listen to the confident guy that gave an interview to Scott and Eric…More importantly, I started listening to all their interviews and boy do they have some great ones. It definitely added some inspiration for the day and perhaps added a little fuel to one guys tank.” – Hal Koerner

URP highlighted in Draft Magazine.

URP was listed in TrailRunner Magazine’s (April 2013) article on trail running podcasts. Described as “irreverent…with a wealth of episodes” ultrarunnerpodcast was listed first and headlined on each page.

Featured monthly in ultrarunning magazine.

Eric and URP referenced in MensHealth magazine.

Regularly quoted in TrailRunner magazine.

RT piece


Advertising Opportunities:

  • Sponsored podcasts. “This episode brought to you by…”
  • Banner or skyscraper ads on URP website.
  • Native ads or sponsored links on URP Daily News.

Why advertise on a podcast?

  • The buzz about ultrarunnerpodcast.com is strong. An advertisement on one of our podcasts has an eternal existence, continuing to be downloaded for months and years to come.


For any additional information, opportunities, or questions.

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