Eric Senseman Interview – Running, Racing, Media, and More!

Eric Senseman ran JFK50 two times before nailing it last month. What did he do differently this time that failed to do his first two attempts. Different workouts, different gear, or was it a different mindset? When you’ve got 20+ time finisher Ian Torrence and three time champion Jim Walmsley offering you advice on how to win, Eric was all set to stand atop the podium.

Eric Senseman
Coconino Cowboys celebrating after Gorge Waterfalls. Eric Senseman, 3rd from left.

In this interview we talk about the runners’ ability to trick ourselves into believing that we can do what we’ve never done before, and how that ability is used to our advantage.  We talk about what it’s like training with the Coconino Cowboys, our mutual admiration for Mike Wardian, why the MUT media is lite on female representation, and how Eric is planning on earning a coveted Golden Ticket to the Big Dance at Squaw Valley. 

Eric Senseman
Eric Senseman, girlfriend Jacky, and other friend Eric celebrating a successful Turkey Trot.

Eric Senseman



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